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Our Babysitting service includes:
  • »Entertainment and play
  • »Simple meal preparation and clean-up
  • »Feeding, bathing and dressing
  • »Story reading
  • »Keeping family routines
  • »Feed family pets
  • »Tidying
  • »Experienced babysitters
  • »Discounts for bulk buys
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Perth Babysitting Service

Our company specialises in Permanent Child Care Solutions. Although we do have several Nannies and sitters who are available for weekend and evening work, however we do reserve these Nannies for our regular clients. Due to our limited amount of casual workers, we require at least one week’s notice to babysitting bookings. We will try our best to meet your needs, however if you are after one off ad-hoc babysitting there are other companies who specialise in these types of placements.

A Babysitter is not a professional Nanny.

Babysitters are childcare providers who are less experienced or qualified than a Nanny. Perth Nanny Network babysitters are usually TAFE or University students who are enrolled in Early Childhood studies or Teaching, therefore you can be rest assured their interests lie in the caretaking of children.

Babysitting hours are usually evenings and weekends, however, we are able to provide more regular babysitting services for example one day a week on an ongoing basis plus a night here and there. In these cases we try to ensure you receive the same Babysitter on each occasion.

Although your children are the most important part of your life, we highly recommend busy parents have a date night one night a week where they go out for a nice dinner or drink with each other or other adult friends. This does wonders for a relationship! See our DateNight services page for more information.


All our babysitters and Casuals have been thoroughly interviewed and had their references checked and/or better yet they come highly recommended by our regular clients. They are also fully insured by Perth Nanny Network so you have 100% peace of mind when it comes to the person looking after your precious ones.

You can purchase our Babysitting casual hours in blocks of 10, 20 or 30 hours.

We charge a booking fee equal to one hour. Ie if your hourly rate is $25, then ontop of your Nannies payment, you will also be charged a $25 booking fee.

We take care of all the tax, superannuation and insurances and this is already factored into our very reasonable and competitive rate.

A babysitter will come to your home, usually an hour before you are due to leave for your outing, this ensures the children are settled and have a little play time while you are getting ready. Your babysitter will ensure your children are kept safe and entertained in your absence and your routine is adhered to.

One week’s notice is usually required to book a babysitter, however if you find yourself in an emergency we may be able to offer you a carer at short notice, however higher rates may apply depending on the available person.

Babysitting duties consist of, but are not limited to:

Why choose our babysitting service?

  1. Only experienced babysitters are used
  2. You can buy your hours in bulk to receive discounts
  3. There is no fumbling for cash or change to pay your babysitter

Standard Pay Rates

Our babysitting rates vary and discounts are offered to clients who pre-purchase block hours for their babysitting needs. The rates start at approximately $30 per hour and includes our payroll service with insurance and superannuation if applicable, etc.

The Process:

Step 1 – Complete a Client Profile Form
Step 2 – Our representative will call you to discuss your requirements
Step 3 – We send you a quote and confirm your requirements and a suitable Perth Babysitter
Step 4 – We send you confirmation with your Babysitter’s details and your booking is confirmed



Q. What is the hourly rate for a babysitter?

A: Depending on the amount of children, time and day, Perth babysitters should be paid anywhere between
$20 and $25 per hour, please note this is what your babysitter gets paid. The other fees include Workers Compensation, Payroll Service (withholding tax and paying super if applicable).

Q. As the parent, do I pay the babysitter direct in cash?

A: No you do not, the babysitter completes a timesheet and you both sign it. It will be submitted to our office and we will deduct the amount from your pre-paid hours and pay the babysitter accordingly.

Q. What if I only want a one off babysitter here and there?

A: In this case we will just bill you for the hours including our booking fee. Full payment is required upfront.

Q. As a parent, if I want to book the same Babysitter again, can I call them direct?

A: No you cannot. All our babysitters are insured through us, if you deal with them direct, they are not covered if they sustain an injury whilst in your home. This is also a conflict of interest for Babysitter as they may have other commitments and could possibly miss out on work through our agency in the future.