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Phone: 1800 A NANNY( 1800 262 669 )
Our Nanny service includes:
  • »One on one care
  • »Keep family routines
  • »Feeding, bathing and dressing
  • »Homework
  • »Meal preperation
  • »Changing Nappies
  • »School drop offs and pick-ups
  • »Cleaning children's rooms
  • »Tidying the house
  • »Activities, play dates and appointments
  • »Children's laundry
Find A Nanny

Perth Nanny Service

At Perth Nanny Network, we are passionate about finding the best Nanny Perth has to offer for your family. Our detailed application process ensures that we are only match you with Perth’s most reliable and professional candidates.

Please bare in mind that by employing a Nanny, you are becoming and employer. Our Agency prides itself on providing families with Perth’s best Nannies and the reason why we attract these Nannies is because we expect our clients to treat their Nannies as any other employee would be treated. This means providing them with safe, clean and friendly working conditions and an employment contract that is in line with Minimum Conditions of Employment as detailed in the State Act of 1993.

During our initial meeting there are a few things you can do to ensure we are both on the same page and we can begin the process quickly and effectively. You should be as detailed as you can and provide as much information as possible as to your expectations and requirements and jot these down for us if you have the time. You should also compile a list of duties and clearly state what your Nanny will be responsible for. Our Nanny’s number one role is to ensure your children are well cared for, but they are happy to perform light housework during nap time or when the children are at school.

You can expect a Nanny to perform the following duties:


The standard casual rate of pay for a Perth nanny is between $20-$30 per hour, before tax, plus superannuation*, dependent on experience, the job description and the number of children that will be in the nanny’s care. Each situation is different and this is rough guide only. For a better idea please feel free to contact us for further information. (*if applicable)

*superannuation is applicable for Nannies who work equal to or more than 30 hours per week. The current rate for Superannuation is 9%.

Full-time and permanent part-time rates are often attract a lower hourly rate, however sick leave, annual leave etc needs to be factored in. We will discuss the best option for you in our initial meeting.

Weekend and public holiday rates may increase, and if you employ your Nanny on a permanent part-time or full-time basis you are liable to pay the Nanny for public holidays.

If you require your nanny to travel with you on holidays or live in your home to care for your children while you are away, then a living away from home allowance would apply.




Q. What are the benefits of having a Nanny, rather than placing children in a Child Care Facility?
A. There have been several newspaper articles about how over-run our Child Care Industry is here in Perth. Some Centres have year long waiting lists and/or cannot cope with the demand. Many are understaffed or have under-qualified staff which leaves little confidence to parents when leaving their children in the hands of Child Care Centres or In-Home Child Care Facilities. Having a Nanny means your children are looked after in your home, their natural environment. With this they receive vital one on one care that Daycare cannot provide. Having a Nanny means that your child is less exposed to germs and viruses and therefore your family will be less likely to be ill and off work/school. Having a private Nanny means your children will thrive and develop as if you were at home with them full-time. Nannies can organize educational and productive activities and outings for your children to ensure they are stimulated. With this your children will learn vital social skills whilst feeling safe and secure. Having Nannies can also reduce the risk of separation anxiety, eating and sleeping difficulties and other social and behavioral issues.


Q. Can I get the Childcare Rebate for a Private Nanny?
A. Unless you have special circumstances, ie you work shift work and daycare centres in your area do not provide care during your work hours, then No. However the government is certainly making noises about this in the media saying they are considering the options of extending the rebate to include families who employ Nannies.


Q. What are the benefits of using a Nanny Recruitment Agency, rather than placing an ad myself?
A. Employing our Agency to find the best Perth Nanny for you and your family means that you are not taken away from your busy routine interviewing and screening candidates. We are constantly interviewing and pre-screening candidates before positions become available to ensure we have access to Perth’s best Nannies. In addition there are many unreliable and unprofessional individuals who respond to advertisements and don’t even show up for interviews. We already have Nannies on our database ready to work, so the hard work could have already been done for you. Another advantage is that you will only have to speak to us once, rather than having to repeat yourself at every interview, and you will not be waiting around wondering if an interview is even going to show up. We also find that candidates are more open and honest in our interview process as their nerves are not so high as they would be when meeting their prospective employer. This gives us more opportunity to ask those curly questions and get a true honest answer without the Nanny feeling intimidated or nervous. We will ensure the right person is found for you and if by chance the person is not the best match then we will guarantee the placement for 8 weeks, that’s correct, if it doesn’t work out within the first eight weeks we will find you a replacement free of charge! That is how confident we are.


Q. How does the process work if I want you to find me a Nanny?
A.Simple, give us a call or send us an email and we will come out to your home and meet you and your family. We are even available after hours if that suits you.


Q. How much would I pay a Nanny?
A. It really depends on how many children, hours of work, type of duties etc. But for example and as a guide only, a Nanny with at least 2 years experience to work 38 hours per week (not including weekends) would be expected to be paid at least $35,000 per annum plus superannuation. Alternatively, you can look at it on a hourly rate which would be between $20 and $30 per hour. For more casual hours you would expect to pay between $22 and $25 per hour. Some of our Nannies are Internationally trained, fully qualified and can speak multiple languages and are in high demand and therefore their rate can be up to $35 per hour.


Q. I don’t have the facilities to withhold tax and pay superannuation, can you help me?
A. Of course, we have a payroll system already setup called NannyPay and we can manage your Nanny’s payroll for you. Further details can be found on our NannyPay Page and this can be further discussed at our first meeting. Alternatively we help you setup the systems you need for this and assist you in calculating the tax etc .


Q. How long can I expect a Nanny to stay with my family?
A. We usually expect our Nannies to stay in one position for approximately nine months to one year, anything more is a bonus. As children grow and become more independant and start attending school your requirements may change. We can help you and your family by providing Nannies who prefer more after-school/evening hours as well as providing support and other employment opportunities for your Nanny who is no longer required.


Q. Can I expect my Nanny to clean my house?
A. In most cases No. However, if you have employed a full-time Nanny and your children are of school age, whilst the children are at school you can expect light housework duties to be performed. Also, if you only have one child and during nap times, it would not be unreasonable for you to ask your Nanny to tidy the main areas of the home, do the children’s washing or families ironing whilst the child is napping. However we do ask you to remember that when employing a Nanny, their primary role is to take care of your children and provide fun, happy, safe and stimulating activities for them.


Q. Do I need to have a contract when I employ a Nanny?
A. We highly recommend this as it ensures that both parties are on the same page and it leaves little room for error or miscommunication. We have several standard Contracts that we can assist you with tailoring to your specific needs, its all part of our service.


Q. How do you screen and/or what is your interview process when speaking with potential candidates?
A. Perth Nanny Network screens potential candidates through our application process. First we look at their availability and their resume/employment history. If this suits your requirements we will call that candidate to arrange for an interview (if we have not already). At the interview your position will be described to them in great detail. If they are interested in the position we will put them on our shortlist. All shortlist candidates will then have their references checked and documents verified. If they pass this process they will be presented to you, the client for review. You will then decide which candidates you would like to personally interview and then you, through us, will advise if you would like to offer any of them the position.


Q. Just how strict is your screening and interview process?
A. Our screening process is so strict that only a small portion of applicants that respond to our advertisements pass our resume or face to face interview. We will not recommend any Nanny that we do not feel comfortable is the right person for your family. Our reputation is built on our Premium service and quality Nannies. As parents ourselves we look at each candidate as if we were employing them to look after our own children, and our Director Amanda is extremely fussy when it comes to child care for her children, so if they get her tick of approval they must be good. Majority of our business is from referrals and word of mouth. Our reputation means everything to us, therefore we will ensure we uphold this by only putting forward qualified, reliable and experienced Nannies who are passionate about their job.


Q. How long does the recruitment process take?
A. It usually takes two weeks from the day we meet with you and your family to put forward a short-list of candidates. If you are desperate for someone to start sooner we may be able to provide you with a casual Nanny or Babysitter until a more suitable one is found.


Q. Can I get a Rebate or a Tax Concession on my Nanny’s Wages?
A. In most cases, Yes. If your Nanny is a registered Carer, which most of ours are, you may be eligible for a very small Government Rebate or Benefit (ie less than $1 per hour). This is means tested and can be easily applied for with Centrelink. Please refer to Centrelink’s website for further details or call the Family Assistance office on 136150.


Q. What if I am not happy with any of the candidates on your shortlist?
A.You are under no obligation to accept any candidate that we present to you. It is our promise that we will find you the right Nanny for you and your family, it could just mean that person is not available or has not been approached by us just yet. In these cases we will re-advertise your position and start the recruitment process again. We only send you the best candidates that are available at that time, and we will not stop until we have the right person placed for your family.


Q. I have a Special needs child, do you have Nannies with experience looking after children with special needs?
A. Yes we can help you! These Nannies can be a little harder to find, and it may take a little more time, but we will certainly do our best!


Q. Do you have Au Pairs on your database?
A. We have a very limited few and these ones are usually those with limited time remaining on their Visas. Most Au Pairs only stay in one job for 6 months at a time therefore we prefer to deal with longer term placements, however we will do our best to meet your requirements.


Q. My kids always misbehave with Child care workers, can you help?
A. We can help in several ways. Our Nannies will only enforce discipline that has been instructed by you, however if you find that it is difficult keeping child care workers then perhaps you may want to consider our SuperNanny service. Please refer to our SuperNanny page for further details.


Q.If my Nanny takes annual leave, can you find me a casual replacement?
A. Of course we can. Most Full-Time contracts require Nannies to provide at least 4 weeks notice of their intention to take annual leave. This will give us plenty of time to find the perfect interim Nanny for you. It may also be a good idea to have your current Nanny available to do a hand-over with the new Nanny, this way you can still go about your busy schedule without having to worry.


Q. If my Nanny is not able to work weekends or evenings, can you find me a babysitter?
A. Yes we can, as with Nannies, we have a Babysitting Service. Rates start at $20.00 per hour and can be paid in blocks. For more details please visit our Babysitter Page.


Q. What if the Nanny I have employed from Nanny Network does not work out?
A.It rarely happens, but if for any reason your Nanny is no longer suitable or is just simply not working out, and you contact us within eight weeks of the date the employment was offered, we will find you a replacement free of charge.