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Phone: 1800 A NANNY( 1800 262 669 )
Links for Parents:

Our Rates
Our placement fees depend on the type of role we are recruiting for. Our fees start from $500. Please feel free to call or email us today for an obligation free quote.

Employing your Nanny/Babysitter

At Perth Nanny Network, we understand that Perth is very new to the Nanny scene and as such in some cases Nanny Services are still considered a Cash Enterprise. This is not the case at Perth Nanny Network. We understand that your family is more likely than not, not in a position to setup a company or register for PAYG, pay payroll withholding tax, superannuation, workers compensation, general insurance, issue group certificates or calculate sick and/or annual leave. That is why at Perth Nanny Network we can arrange all this for you as our systems are all set up and ready to go. All that happens is you pay a setup fee of $65 and then $65 per month on-top of your Nanny’s wage and we take care of it all! Please note, it a legal requirement that you provide your employee with adequate Workers Compensation Insurance for working in your home. Most general home and content insurers offer this as part of their existing policies, or it can be easily added for a small fee, we can provide you more information on your Insurance options in our Obligation Free Quote.

If you already have PAYG setup and it is legal for you to put your Nanny or Babysitters wage through it, you may, however, please note the following Legal Obligations for Australian Employers, as if you are employing a Nanny or Babysitter this is what you are, an Employer.

Legal obligations for Australian parents who employ Nannies or Babysitters

As the carers work in an unregulated field, there is no official award rate of pay or conditions set by any government for childcare workers working in private homes.

There is an award rate for childcare workers in childcare centres. Rates vary depending on qualifications, experience and these rates are set state by state. The Australian government has appointed the Fair Work Ombudsman to monitor the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulation 2009. These acts are to be referred to as a guide only and all legal advice should be taken from your lawyer.

Nannies and Babysitters are an important part of your family. If they are expected to be an integral part of your children’s lives then they should be paid accordingly. For those Nannies employed on a Full Time or Part Time basis, this includes being paid superannuation, annual leave and sick pay. A valued employee who is treated with respect and paid a reasonable wage is more likely to be a long-term employee, which reduces disruption to your routine and household.

Worker’s compensation

Workers compensation is required in all states and territories. We can recommend some insurance services in our Obligation Free Quote.

PAYG Withholding Tax

Yes, we know it is a hassle, but we all have to pay it, even Nannies and Babysitters.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) classifies a Nanny or Babysitter as an employee, as he/she is an individual who receives payment in the form of a salary or wage in return for labour or service. Therefore, your Nanny is an employee and you are the employer. As an employer, you are obligated to take tax out of his/her pay just like all other employers have to do with their employees and remit it to the ATO on a regular basis, be it monthly quarterly or annually. You are also an employer if you employ workers under contract, verbal or written, on a full-time, part-time or casual basis. This can be wholly or principally for labour, or if you have some control over your employees, or if you are responsible for the payment of wage or salary and have the power to dismiss or hire employees.

The practice of paying cash under the table is illegal and it is unfair to the carers and the industry. If they require a loan for a new car, house or for investment purposes, then he/she will need proof of earnings using a payment summary (group certificate) or payslip. Also, if your carer is in a car accident and won’t be able to work again, their earnings will not be taken into account when calculating loss of earnings or future loss of earnings.

Nannies and Babysitters are not independent workers. To be self-employed or independent, a Nanny or Babysitter would have to work the hours they want, leave when they want, state how much they earn, supply the equipment, and decide what to do with your children. The Nanny or Babysitter would have the power to freely hire other people to perform the work when he/she wants.

Nannies and Babysitters do not work like this and therefore are classified as employees. This means that even if you employ the services of a Private Nanny and she supplies you with an invoice and ABN you are still liable for her tax and superannuation. That’s right, if your Nanny does not pay her tax or Super and the Tax office audits her, they will come after her employer, YOU, for that tax owed. Therefore, for peace of mind, we suggest you either use our NannyPay service or set yourself up for PAYG, either way we are here to help you and we will assist in any way we can.

For more information about your tax obligations, you can contact the ATO at or phone 13 28 66.


Superannuation is compulsory for all employees and must be paid by the Employer. The amount is 9.25% of the gross wage. This also includes Nannies and Babysitters. The amount is only to be paid if the employee works more than 30 hours per week, and it must be paid to the employees nominate Superannuation Fund.

In order to achieve this, the employer will need to abide by all legal obligations as experienced and qualified Nanny or Babysitters would expect. Good nannies/Babysitters are scarce and are hard to find. If they receive the benefits to which they are entitled, it is more likely they will remain in your employment for the long term, which will benefit you and your children.

For more information about superannuation, you can contact the ATO on 13 28 66 or, or speak to your accountant.

Motor vehicle insurance


Compulsory third-party insurance is paid when you pay your car registration. This insurance covers you and passengers for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, it does not cover damage to the vehicle. It is not usually paid for injuries sustained by the driver at fault. Passengers are covered, but they are only covered if the car is registered and the driver at fault is in a registered car. If a Nanny, Babysitter or children have been injured in a car accident during employment, then please seek professional advice from your lawyer. We strongly recommend adding your Nanny to your Insurance Policy if your Nanny is required to use your vehicle for transporting your children.

Comprehensive insurance

If your Nanny or Babysitter will be driving your car during employment, you may need to add him/her to your insurance policy. In the case of an accident, you might not be covered – even if it’s not the driver’s or your fault. Please check with your insurance company, broker or agent about your policy before you let any carer driver your car, especially if the carer is under 25 years of age.

Tax Deductions

If your Nanny or Babysitter is to use their own vehicle a Motor Vehicle Allowance should be offered to cover Fuel, Depreciation and Insurance on their Vehicle. In addition if you provide your Nanny or Babysitter with a dedicated vehicle for his/her use then you pay be able to negotiate salary sacrifice with your Nanny or Babysitter. We can give you some examples or you can seek advice from your accountant.

If you are eligible for the Child Care Benefit (not rebate) you may request your Nanny become a Registered Carer with Centrelink. This means you may be eligible for a very small rebate on a portion of your Nanny’s annual Salary. This is means tested we can provide you with further information or you can contact Centrelink for more information at

Need for More Information?

As we are a personal, non web based company to book an appointment to arrange for one our Professional Consultants to come out and visit you to discuss your requirements, please proceed to our Contact Page.