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If you are a qualified Child Care Provider, have met all of the requirements below and would like to register your details with us, please complete the form below and one of our consultants will be in touch to arrange an interview:

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    Q. What kind of Clients do you have at Perth Nanny Network?

    A. Most of our Parents are medium to high income earning, and these are the types of families we market to and attract. This means our Nannies and Babysitters can be sure that they will be entering safe, nice and warm welcoming homes with families who have had Nannies or other forms of Child Care Providers in their home.

    Q. What do you parents usually look for in a Nanny/Babysitter?

    A. Most of our Parents are medium to high income earning, busy, hardworking professionals and their number one pre-requisite is reliability and experience. If you treat working with children like a career and love having fun and working with children then this agency can find you the best employer!

    Q. Who pays me? Perth Nanny Network or the Client?

    A. Most parents do not have a company setup or facilities to withhold tax and pay superannuation etc. Therefore we offer a NannyPay service where we manage your pay. If you are on salary then the same amount will be paid to you on a weekly basis. If you work any overtime a timesheet will need to be completed and be signed by the Parent and yourself and submitted to our offices. Pays are done every Tuesday and you are paid one week in arrears. Although our Agency manages your Pay, the Parent is still your employer. Unlike some other Agencies, we manage the pays ourselves and we do not refer this to another company.

    Q. Can I work for cash?

    A. No, we do not encourage working for cash as it is against the law and fraudulent to the Australian Tax Office. If you work for cash you are not insured and you may have difficulty obtaining references. You may also face difficulty if you want to apply for loan as you will not have the work on your employment history.

    Q. Do you blacklist Nannies?

    A. Yes we do. Majority of our clients have given up looking for Nannies due to them not showing up for interviews or worse yet, they enter into an employment agreement with a Nanny and then the Nanny does not show for work, without notice. In these cases we get the names from the those clients and they will go onto our Blacklist. There are so many people working hard to change the reputation of the Nanny Industry and it is Nannies such as these that give the industry a bad name. We do not want to waste our time or our clients time with these people and therefore our blacklist is also published to other Nanny Agencies in Perth. Perth is a very small city and word gets around. These days with SMS, and email, there really is no excuse for not telling a client that you are unable to attend a interview or if you have changed your mind about a job.

    Q. What is the advantage of being a Nanny, rather than working in a Childcare Facility?

    A. Its simple, you only look after a limited number of children, and only dealing with one set of Parents. You work with the same children every day and your environment is more personalised. You also have the freedom to take the children on play dates, to the park and other outings.

    Q. What if I have no Nanny experience?

    A. If you have no experience as a Nanny, then you should start as a Babysitter to gain experience.after real children in real homes. You must be prepared to get the required documents before you can be recommended for work. We do suggest you look into enrolling in a Childcare course to further boost your qualifications.

    Q. What Licenses do I need, if any as a nanny in Perth?

    A. As a minimum, you must have a Working with Children License and a National Police Clearance. Both of which are available at any Australia Post Office. A fee is payable for each license and are around $55 each. Each license can take up to 3 weeks to obtain.

    Q. Do I have to be a registered Carer with Centrelink?

    A. No you do not, however you may be more favourable to certain positions if you are. It does not cost anything to become a registered carer you just simply complete a form and prove your identity to Centrelink.

    Q. How much do I get paid, and do I get to choose my rate?

    A. Rates are specified by the employer. The rate of the job offered will be discussed at the time of the interview. If this rate is not what you are looking for then this can be a deciding factor in making your decision as to whether or not you accept the position being offered.

    Q. How long would I expect to be in a job for?

    A. In most cases parents are looking for a Nanny for their children for a period of 9-12 months. The role may extend longer than this, however it could change to school pickup hours etc once the children start attending some form or schooling.

    Q. What if I want to plan a holiday or have a holiday planned?

    A. Most clients are fine with this as long as you are upfront and honest about it. This should not affect you being put forward for a job, unless the client is very specific and needs to you start on a particular day and you this is the period you will be away. In most cases we can assist the families in finding them casual Nanny care for their children during these periods.

    Q. How much can I expect to earn?

    A. It really depends on the family, how many children, your hours etc. However the going rate for a full-time Nanny is around $23-27 per hour less tax. For a full-time, eight hours per day, 5 days per week you should earn at least $35,000 per annum plus superannuation.

    Q. Do I get reimbursed petrol if I drive kids using my own vehicle ?

    A. In most cases yes you should be reimbursed if you’re using your own car and petrol. This is something that will be discussed in the interview process and if agreed the parent will reimburse you for the petrol used. If this is not agreed to you can also claim back on your tax return at $0.75 per km. Rates are available from the Australian Tax Office website. In order to claim from the Parent or from your tax you will need to keep a log-book and record your petrol cost. Log books can be purchased from any Stationery store or newsagent and instructions are often printed on the inside.

    Q. If I am offered the Job but am not 100% sure , can I request to meet with the family again?

    A. Of course, once a nanny job offer is made to you, you’re under no obligation to accept it. If you are unsure then you are more than welcome to request another meeting with the family. We want you to be sure that you are comfortable in your placement as we want to avoid having to replace you in a short period of time. Even after your placement we offer ongoing support to you. We value your feedback and if you are uncomfortable speaking with your employer about any issues we can be a great mediator for you.

    Q. Do you take any money from my wages?

    A. No we do not take any money from your wages. We derive our income from the parents only. The only deductions that will be taken out is your tax (if applicable).

    Q. Do I have a Nanny Employment Contract?

    A. We recommend all our parents have one and that it is signed by you and them at the time of employment. This sets out the expectations of both parties. If there is something in there you would like to add or remove we can assist you and mediate between you and parents to avoid any awkwardness etc.

    Q. What happens when I am no longer needed for the family, can you find me another job?

    A. Of course. Your contract will specify the notice period required to leave your current employment. You should contact us as soon as you have given or received notice. We would only be more than happy to help find you another family to work with once this notice period expires.

    Q. What happens if I work for more than one family, will I pay a higher rate of tax?

    A. If the parents pay you through our NannyPay service then you will only pay the one rate of tax. This means you can have the full-time hours you want with all the benefits, but only get taxed once!